Wildblue Internet Service Reviewhorrible Reception And Customer Service

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Wildblue Satellite Internet Review

WebCustomer Comments & Reviews Michael C We have had Wildblue a couple of years and it always buffers. We can never watch a full program of anything. Will be switching providers Top Rated Our Partner 4 Reviews Up to 50 GB anytime data …

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Wildblue Internet Service Reviewhorrible Reception And Customer Service

WebWild Blue is the worst internet provider on the planet earth. They have the worst customer service and are the biggest rip off out there. And don't even try to …

In my opinion WildBlue is A SCAM! WildBlue employees are WORSE THAN RUDE! They have no true CUSTOMER SERVICE! ON ONE PHONE CALL WE WERE ON HOLD FOR ONE AND ONE-HALF HOURS -- thirty minute wait to reach them, thirty minute waits as they transfered us from one RUDE department to another.

Why were we calling them? Immediately after their installation in June 2007, we realized we could no longer go into the managing programs of our Web sites or check our Web Site emails. This meant that not only could we not read customer emails, we could not edit our Web site or even release money from customer credit card orders to be deposited into our bank account.

When we talked to WildBlue, the first call within days of installation, they made us think the problem was with the Web site host, so we spent days with our Web site host trying to get the problems straightened out at no avail.

We called several times afterward this and were only met with rudeness -- even anger. NO REFUND COULD BE MADE, WE WERE STUCK WITH A YEAR'S CONTRACT are things they told us.

Rather than fight any longer, we reinstalled a dial-up service. Our Web Site managing program worked fine with dial-up. Our Web Site email was accessible again.

Once more we confronted WildBlue. We were then told that WildBlue service was not compatable with our Web Site, and it was OUR FAULT because we did not ask if our WildBlue would be compatible before they installed their services.

Although we repeatedly asked to speak to a WildBlue supervisor, we were never allowed to do so. We were RUDELY told a supervisor would call us back more than once, but of course, one never did.

We also have other problems with their service such as being clicked out of the internet with no warning. Sometimes we have no service at all.


Jimmie and Judy Perrin.

Wildblue has told me one lie after another.They never showed me a 14 page contract just told me to type my name in a box after he installed it.I thought I was just agreeing that they was here and installed it.They never told me they would automatically take money out of my bank and for more than what they told me my bill would be. They told me I could send in a payment then later told me they don't know why anyone told me that.Within 1 night I had almost no usage left and all we did was watch a couple youtube videos and some computer updates.I gave them $149 dollars to install it then they took $77 more 2 days later.I cancelled my debit card and closed my account because at this point I read complaints all over the internet and knew they would steal even more.They now want $345 more dollars and who knows how much more they will ask a collection company to try to get from me. When I told them I was reporting them to the BBB he said "so what we have been reported to them before" and he laughed.I contacted the Attorney Generals office and contacted the police to make a report because this is a SCAM and they have a contract that gives them a licence to steal.

I agree with everyone...I had my Grandsons for the summer and they were watching things on U tube, and then all of a sudden I had no speed when I needed to get on the internet...called the shoddy customer service, and was told I went over my limit for downloads, and they practically shut down all my capabilities for accessing the internet for my Ebay stuff...This is so stupid...I live in the country and have no choice, thought I was upgrading by going to WILD BLUE...not really what a joke...More than half the time I get that stupid blank page Server not found... I am stuck in the zone until something else comes along...This company is like Southwestern Bell use to be when they thought they were the only game in town for telephone service...You will get yours Wild Blue...Phew...I feel somewhat better now...until I try to load my auctions on Ebay...and then I will get fired up again...Time is money, and I spent so much time in front of the computer trying to load pics and pages for my auction, I now have curvature of the spine...Wild Blue is junk!

Wildblue Is Now Viasat Internet

WebWildBlue Satellite Internet Viasat Home Satellite internet WildBlue legacy phone 1-855-393-3302 WildBlue is now Viasat Internet We’ll help you find what you’re looking for …

Visit to find the information you need. 

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Web17 reviews of Wildblue Internet Service "Wildblue Internet Service, Excede or Satellite, We have had both, under contract. While their service seems fair for internet, their personnel are extremely incompetent. We …

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Wildblue Internet Is Now Viasat

WebViasat internet is a satellite internet service provider based in Carlsbad, California. During its tenure, Viasat has acquired several smaller satellite brands, including Exede and …

Today, Viasat offers serious speed upgrades to WildBlue users—and residents all over the continental US who want more from their satellite internet.

Why switch from WildBlue internet service to Viasat?

For decades, Viasat and WildBlue internet services have brought high-speed internet to rural and outer suburban customers that can’t get the time of day from DSL or cable companies.

Today, Viasat continues that work by upgrading speeds, dropping data fees, and expanding access to even more ZIP codes. Order new Viasat service, or replace your legacy WildBlue internet plan, to get more from your satellite internet:

Notice Wildblue Email Services Are Moving To A New Platform

WebNot yet a customer? WildBlue provides high-speed access to the Internet, much faster than dial-up access. A whole new world of content will open up to you! WildBlue was …

Starting July 20, 2015 we will begin moving all wildblue.net email accounts off of the Google email platform to our new platform for email services — Zimbra. Google is ending its support of Gmail and Google Apps services for internet providers.

After the transition, you will notice a new look and feel to your inbox. Your email address, login and password will remain the same, and all of your email messages, contacts and calendar will be migrated to the new service platform without action from you.

To stay updated on the latest news about our email service transition, visit .

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Wildblue Internet Is Now Viasat

WebWildBlue Satellite Internet Viasat Home Satellite internet WildBlue legacy phone 1-855-393-3302 WildBlue is now Viasat Internet We’ll help you find what you’re looking for …

Notice Wildblue Email Services Are Moving To A New Platform

Starting July 20, 2015 we will begin moving all wildblue.net email accounts off of the Google email platform to our new platform for email services — Zimbra. Google is ending its …

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Wildblue Satellite Internet Review

WebWildBlue Satellite Internet Review ConsumersAdvocate.org Rating: 4.3 / 5 (Excellent) Our content is free because we may earn a commission when you click or make a purchase using our site. Learn more. WildBlue is no longer available for purchase.

Viasat Satellite Wildblue Teriible Terrible Internet Service And Customer Serv

WebCall Viasat customer service 855-810-1308 Viasat’s customer service line is open 24/7, whether you’re calling with connection problems, you need help with tech support, or you have a billing question. You can also get help with moving or cancelling …

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